Charles Kuralt
On the Road - order at On January 25, 1977, a nationwide television broadcast about the North Platte Canteen by CBS newsman Charles Kuralt was aired. I discovered this “On the Road” segment at the Lincoln County Historical Museum. I then found the entire video at the North Platte Public Library that contains many “On the Road” pieces with the segment about the North Platte Canteen being the 12th one in.

This is a very enjoyable piece about the North Platte Canteen. It includes interviews with some of the original Canteen workers many of whom have since passed on. Enjoy the video clip! And by the way, the whole video is pretty good.

The video clip is about 6 minutes long but the file size is quite large! It should play just fine if you have a broadband connection. It will not play well or won't play at all if you are using a dial-up connection.

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