North Platte Canteen Booklet CoverThe history of the world famous World War II era canteen for service personnel at North Platte, Nebraska, made possible by the Union Pacific Railroad, is once again available in book form. The story of patriotism at its finest as well as the finest hour for railroading in America. Limited quantities may be available from:

9 x 8 softcover format, 36 pages.

The Lincoln County Museum
2403 N. Buffalo Bill Avenue
North Platte, NE 69101
Phone: 308-534-5640

South Platte Press
ISBN 978-1-4243-2666-2
Copyright 1986 by
South Platte Press
P.O. Box 163
David City, NE 68632
Web site:
Printed by
Service Press
P.O. Box 606
Henderson, NE 68371
First Printing April 1986
Second Printing August 1986
Third Printing August 1988
Fourth Printing April 1993
Fifth Printing May 1998

Sixth Printing December 2006

The booklet from which much of the information in this website was drawn, "North Platte Canteen," by James J. Reisdorff, has recently been updated. Reisdorff currently lives in David City, Nebraska with his wife and co-publisher, Sharon. He is a 1978 graduate of Creighton University in Omaha, Neb., with a degree in journalism. Having done freelance newspaper writing for several years, he decided to establish South Platte Press in 1982 as an outlet for publishing railroad history of the Great Plains region. Although not from a railroad family himself, trains have always fascinated Reisdorff. He chose to apply his journalism skills towards making the extensive history of western railroads available to others (while learning more about the subject himself at the same time).

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